The Perks and Perils of Reupholstering Old Furniture

Well, it is a given fact that after you either buy a new house or an apartment or complete a global overhaul of one of these, then next every single room in it must be equipped with a fitting furniture. Which, at the end of the day, may not be as easy of a process as it seems to be at a first glance.

All in all, while absolutely any active process of home-related shopping can become a frustration and a headache  (even for your lovely wife who seems to love it), there are a few ways to make things easier (and faster).

One of these, especially if we’re talking about equipping your kitchen and the dining room with new furniture pieces, can be achieved via knowing what to look for and what to avoid…

Also, understanding the basic range of furniture pieces you’re looking for will be helpful just as well!

So, starting with the obvious dining table and chairs to make sitting around a reality, what else should you typically be looking for?

Note, that this is assuming that you’ve already dealt with the major kitchen appliances, just as well as figured out and had the kitchen island installed in place as well.

Anyways, besides the table, a few other things too look for are the kitchen cabinets and kitchen counters.

So, considering that all 3 of the centerpieces are typically made out of wood, what exactly should you know about it? Also, let’s supposes that on par with wood you’re be also considering a few other material options, such as the metal, the glass, marble and granite.

Well, starting with choosing the dining table, the first most important thing to consider is its size. Of course, the desired size should be calculated by taking the number of your family members into account.

Also, consider these types of tables: tables with adjustable height (or/and width); revolving tables; hanging tables and parting tables…

So, starting with the obvious dining table and chairs to make sitting around a reality, what else should you typically be looking for?

As to the dining chairs and their types, some of the good options to consider may include: armchairs; side chairs; parsons; mission/shaker chairs; upholstered chairs; ladderback; windsor…

Then again, choosing a dining table and a set of chairs for it oftentimes has to require on big nuance – namely, pairing the styles of the two, in case you have bought them separately.

Now, let’s move on to the kitchen drawers, cabinets and countertops.

With chairs and tables being more of a decorative piece, than functional (because let’s face it, you can probably use even the most fragile, glass dining tables for eating and putting the plates on it), the drawers, countertops and kitchen cabinets may require just a bit more of durability and functionality in regard to the material that they’ve been made of.

But as the material options for counters go kind of standard – starting with marble and granite and finishing with limestone, engineered stone and soapstone, the cabinets are oftentimes made out of wood too.

As a tip, when choosing those, make sure to see if the doors open smoothly – which if not, will be gradually becoming a bigger problem every year…

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